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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rain and Bombs -- London on July 7, 2005

So, I went out this morning to pick up some coffee for Janet, who was sleeping in, and walked down to the Green Park station where everyone was coagulating around the various entrances, being prevented from entering the station by the London police.

I asked around and a few people mentioned they had heard something about "power surges" but that the Piccadilly line was shut down. By the time I ambled back to the hotel, it was clear that these "surges" were a lot more widespread (and therefore, in my mind, a lot more suspicious) than they originally thought.

There's a television in the room that, among the various American shows (MTV, CNBC, etc.) also runs BBC. The reports there were not much more dire than those in the street but it quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary day in London. Sure, the city had just won its Olympics bid yesterday, but today it was the home to a series of terrorist bombings.