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Monday, June 20, 2005

3% of All Europeans/Africans (or whatever)
Like This Blog

Dipping into my site statistics (which you can do by clicking on the Site Meter block on the left) is amusing today. A good 80% of the readers of this blog come from this time zone (I'm assuming that that's my computer). A little over 15% come from the East Coast, which is puzzling because I haven't told my mother about this.

And about 3% come from the time zone that seems to include (if the report can be deciphered properly) central Europe or parts of Algeria, Nigeria and Togo. A huge outpouring of support from the African and European continents (maybe). Those of you from that area, please raise your hands.

[UPDATE!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!!] The fun thing about a dynamically driven site like Site Meter, is that it changes. As of 4:00pm on Tuesday the 21st of June, that Algerian visitor that I mentioned above has completely, totally, absolutely, plain-up-and-disappeared.