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Sunday, June 05, 2005

USC and the Big Big List

Mike Gerber, over at apparently has a spouse who is coming to USC Film School (no idea which division) next semester. She recently received a list of a ton of films that we apparently recommend incoming students see. There are 149 narrative feature films, 26 documentaries, and 15 television shows.

Do we really hand out such a list? It's a pretty good one and I'd encourage everyone to read the list and see a ton of the movies (but Arthur Penn's NIGHT MOVES??). And it's got RIDING GIANTS on it, which pretty much rates.

It's not a perfect list, of course. There's no Eisenstein on the list and the list seems to like Kurasawa a lot but no Kirostami. It's got HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (a film which stumbled badly on the Hollyn Interest-ometer, despite Ben Kingsley and the ever wonderful Jennifer Connelly) but not 1900 or THE CONFORMIST. It is, at least in the doc world, a pretty recent bunch of films. And there are virtually no experimental or avant garde films unless you count Bergman and REPO MAN in that category (which I don't). LA JETEE maybe.

Still, as a way to plant our flag on the mountain of popular films, this isn't a bad list. Has someone been giving this out for years, and I just haven't realized it?