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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jordan Post #3

Down a Staircase in Amman
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I am ending the second week here in Jordan, busier than ever but disappointed that the time has gone so quickly. The students are out shooting their film today (they have today, tomorrow and Saturday to get their two half-days of shooting done).

It hardly seems possible that we only got here two weeks ago and that we leave in another week. The students have learned so much and I have mixed feelings about the experience. First, I feel that I haven't done very much learning on my own. I've been to Petra and have seen some places that I've never seen before in my life, but I wonder if I'm any closer to learning as much about this city and its people, as the students have learned about filmmaking. On the other hand, I've absolutely fallen in love with the class and the students. We have our big screening a week from today -- Thursday night at some Top Secret Location that I'll probably have to be blindfolded and driven up to. Seven days. Seven days to shoot and edit what have turned into some very personal filmed statements.

To the left, if your margins look something like mine, is a picture specifically designed for Joe. Whenever we're over at his house, THE GODFATHER seems to be playing on the cable. Well... the other day (one of my first in Jordan) I popped on the television and what do I see? The image to the left (I hope), complete with Arabic subtitles.

Finally, I've got one more photo lying around here that I have to upload -- the view of Amman from close to the classroom. The building that the classes are in is an old house, which is famed for once having belonged to a high government official who hanged himself. The students pointed out which ceiling hooks he used for the act, but they all pointed out different ones in different rooms, so I'm taking that with a boulder or two of salt.

In any case, the picture is of rooftops near the downtown area of Amman and it's one of the things that keeps us sane when we've been teaching or learning for eight straight hours. A sky as clear as... well... whatever's supposed to be clear. You don't even see the 95 degree heat rippling in the air. It's quite a wonderful site and one I am sure I will miss when I'm back in Lost Angeles.

I'll keep you posted.