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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

For All Of You Who Have NEVER Been In A Relationship -- You Can Skip To The Next Blog

Heather Armstrong, over in her blog DOOCE, today describes a Married Person Fight that is so traditional, so typical, that it should be republished in every single book on marriage and relationships that is sold in bookstores or online. She should donate it to the curriculum of every class on human relationships in every school in the world. She should force every person who sits across the table, dreamy-eyed on a first date, to read the things before offering to drive the other one back to their place for drinks.

Have I made myself clear? Clink on the link people. Click it now before you impale yourself on a sharp object after your next fight with your "I'm Not Sure Why You're Called 'Significant Other'."

Yes, even you Tamara.